15 Pics Of Unusual Animals That Will Make You Say "Wait What IS That?"

    Capybaras, dugongs, and penis snakes, oh my!

    1. The binturong, AKA the bearcat

    2. The red-lipped batfish

    3. The Atretochoana eiselti, AKA the Penis Snake

    4. The ocean sunfish

    5. The muntjac, AKA the barking deer

    6. The goblin shark

    7. The naked mole-rat

    8. The pink fairy armadillo

    9. The blobfish

    10. The purple frog

    11. The pangolin, AKA the scaly anteater

    12. The capybara

    13. The star-nosed mole

    14. The Sunda flying lemur

    15. And finally, the dugong

    This post was translated from German.