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    43 Things That Mildly Excite Everyone From Leicester

    "Bumping into Sam Bailey in Tesco."

    1. Telling the bus driver to drop you off in "tahn" and them knowing where you mean.

    2. The smell of Pukka Pies.

    3. Thinking back to when King Richard III was found in a COUNCIL CAR PARK.

    4. And how you took the day off work to attend his funeral march.

    5. Seeing the "wheel of light" go up at Diwali and Christmas, and swearing that this is the year you'll go on it.

    6. Chanting "FEAST INDIA" as loud as you can, when the advert comes on the radio.

    7. Bumping into Sam Bailey in Tesco.

    8. Whenever a new market drops in.

    9. Feeling really smug about how good Planet Earth II was because David Attenborough is one of our own.

    10. Fist pumping when thinking about Claudio Ranieri winning Coach of the Year at SPOTY.

    11. Walking past the sweetcorn stall to get to the Haymarket Bus Station.

    12. Remembering that we once got a royal visit from the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge.

    13. When a bus actually arrives on time.

    14. Kasabian.

    15. When the Coca Cola lorry visits.

    16. Two words: Awesome Chips.

    17. Two more words: Fosse Park.

    18. When you first notice the casino next to Haymarket Bus Station has a sign saying "Coffeee."

    19. Reminiscing the time you took a day off work to wave a flag at the Leicester City victory parade.

    20. Whenever we beat Nottingham.

    21. And when we don't get compared to Nottingham.

    22. Receiving the "meet at Clock Tower" text.

    23. When Highcross puts out the umbrella bags.

    24. Spotting the prison and saying, every time, without fail, "I used to think that was a castle."

    25. Dropping the word "mardy" into a conversation with an outsider.

    26. Visiting the LCFC mural for the first time.

    27. Vardy.

    28. And when you casually walk past the Jamie Vardy lookalike.

    29. When a new fairground ride opens up outside Primark.

    30. Going into "tahn" to see what new protest is written in chalk, on the ground, outside McDonalds.

    31. Watching East Midlands Today when we actually get a mention.

    32. Recording East Midlands Today whenever anyone you vaguely know is on it.

    33. Feeling like Bear Grylls after walking all the way to Old John in Braggie Park.

    34. When you take an outsider down The Lanes.

    35. Casually dropping into conversation that Leicester Market won a Great British Market Award for Best Food Market in 2015.

    36. And that DNA profiling was developed at University of Leicester.

    37. Also sliding in that the BBC’s Victoria was filmed on our Great Central Railway

    38. When your mate suggests going to the Oadby Asda. TWO FLOORS.

    39. Abbey Park fair.

    40. Giving someone the look when they open a packet of Walkers.

    41. Spotting St Margaret’s Bus Station in Tyga’s music video for "I $mile, I cry".

    42. Not hitting every traffic light on Melton Road.

    43. And when an outsider asks you, "are you from Leicester?"