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    21 Things That Are Only OK Because You're From Leicester

    "Where are you from?" "Lestah."

    1. Knowing to meet at the clock tower if you go into town.

    Flickr: u07ch / Creative Commons

    "You meeting me in town?"

    "Yeah, meet at Clock Tower?"

    2. Eating your body weight in chips from Awesome Chips.

    3. Not pronouncing the name of anywhere in Leicester properly – if you pronounce them properly, we know you're an outsider.

    Flickr: 25797459@N06 / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

    We like to add an "-eh" at the end of some places and we sometimes stick a "u" in instead of an "o".

    4. Getting a bit too excited about the new Haymarket Bus Station.

    5. Thinking this place was a castle when you were a kid:

    6. Listing famous people who have lived in Leicester to outsiders.

    Oli Scarff / Getty Images / Flickr: not-beautiful-anymore / Creative Commons

    "Did you know that David Attenborough grew up in Leicester?"

    7. Getting sick of hearing about how we found King Richard III in a car park, but still milking it.

    Even #RichardIII gets in on the act for the #Leicestercity #premiership #winners #2016 #party. #Leicester

    Via Twitter: @HoltAntiquesLtd

    8. Moaning about Download Festival because it messes up the bus timetables.

    Nickelodeon. / Via

    Your bus could arrive in 10 minutes or 10 years.

    9. Using the word "mardy" at least twenty times a day.

    10. Suddenly becoming a Leicester City fan once they won the Premier League.

    Lillian Suwanrumpha / AFP / Getty Images / Via

    11. Going to a Kasabian gig but only knowing like three songs.

    Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images

    But because they are Leicester royalty, you have to show your support.

    12. Knowing of the famous Wanlip smell. / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

    If you live there you can't go out in the summer because of the smell, thanks to the poop factory.

    13. Hating the Jamie Vardy lookalike.

    When yer da promises to get your idol to appear at your Birthday party, and the local weirdo turns up.

    Via Twitter: @WeahsCousin

    He's everywhere and he's annoying as hell.

    14. Seeing an X Factor winner in your local Co-Op or at the cinema and it being totally normal.

    Twitter: @morgandevlin_

    Sam Bailey often pops up in random places.

    15. Not understanding the hype about the Highcross, even though outsiders seem to love it.

    16. Learning how to spell Leicester by a variation of "Lions Eat Ice Cream Every Saturday Tiger Eat Rice."

    Was it just me that used to use 'lions eat ice cream every Saturday tigers eat rice' to help spell out Leicester orrrr

    Via Twitter: @FameGrayson20

    17. Visiting Braggy Park in all weather conditions.

    18. Moaning about Primark. / Via Twitter: @cospjord

    The queues are mad.

    19. Exhausting Leicester's history by visiting all of its attractions on school trips.

    20. Losing it a little when an outsider compares Leicester to Nottingham.

    20th Century Fox / ABC Studios

    Or when they ask: "Where is Leicester, is it near Nottingham?"

    21. Celebrating being from a diverse, vibrant and proud city by partying.

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