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How To Make Nacho Lasagna In 9 Easy Steps

This is about as fancy as a Super Bowl party should be allowed to get.

Behold, Nacho Lasagna

When it's not sparking a heated discussion about how much Colin Kaepernick looks like Milo from 24, the Super Bowl is about eating. This year, wow your party guests with Hint of Lime Tostitosthis beautiful Frankenfood. The recipe is courtesy of Glenn Harris, chef at NYC's The Smith restaurant.

To feed 12 hungry people, you will need:

2 bags of corn tortillas

32 oz shredded cheddar cheese

16 oz salsa

12 oz pickled jalapeños

16 oz sour cream

6 cups of chili (it will be better if you make your own, but you could settle for store-bought)

Step 1: Base layer of chili, then 4 tortillas, then more chili.

Step 2: CHEESE

Step 3: Pickled jalapeños

Sprinkle liberally.

Step 4: More tortillas.

Heed the advice mom gave you while you were getting dressed this AM and "keep layering."

Step 5: More chili, repeat, repeat.

Just keep going: tortillas, chili, cheese, jalapenos, tortillas...until you've reached the top of the pan. You should probably get around four layers. The top layer should be cheese.

Step 6: Put it in a 325ºF oven for an hour.

The guy who just showed up with nachos bell grande is about to get so owned.

Step 7: If you are doing this right, refrigerate overnight so the layers keep their form.

It can be served in all its sexy meltiness right away, but if you refrigerate, it will look cooler and you can gently reheat it.

Step 8: Flip it out of the pan and cut.

You're about to get an up-close look at your Hormel, you goddamned cheater!! If you fridged it, now's the time to re-heat.

Step 9: Top with sour cream, salsa, and cilantro.

For extra points, put it on your actual nachos.

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