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When A Threadless Designer Art Directs A Mall

The jauntily named PopCorn mall in Hong Kong let Threadless superstar Lim Heng Swee (aka ilovedoodle) art direct the entire mall for the holidays! The result: singing penguins, polar bears on reindeers, and elephants on cupcakes. Genius! Might we suggest these additional "art takeovers" featuring other deserving Threadless artists.

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David Olenick's Brutally Frank School

David Olenick (aka DRO72)'s simple yet effective directives on tees and the classroom are a match made in middle school. Forget the long-winded textbooks and endless notes when all you really have to remember is "the biting wisdom of the "Great White Snark" or that broccoli is "Healthy as F***"

Lora Zombie's Fast Food Shack

While some fast food establishments might seem Not So Happy" with this choice, nothing screams "fast food" like the art of Lora Zombie. The splatters, the mixing of colors, the strange feeling it gives you inside - all of these qualities reflect Lora's work, as well as the results of eating at your favorite fast food joint.

Joe Van Wetering's Church of Mittens

After years of internet fame, one could argue that the cat has finally cultivated enough rallying power to form a recognized religion. With Mister Mittens as their meow-ssiah, there is no evil that this church couldn't blast away with a set of powerful lasers. Joe (aka speedyjvw)'s holy trinity of cats, lasers, and space make him the perfect art director for any house of worship.

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