The Most Printed Artists Of 2013

This year has brought hundreds of new and incredible designs to Threadless. We’ve highlighted some of the designers who helped make this happen, so enjoy this countdown of our most printed artists of 2013!

10. Eleanor Lutz

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Eleanor Lutz (AKA hellofromthemoon) kicks off our list with eight designs printed this year. With an all-time total of eight printed Threadless designs, that means that 100% of Eleanor’s designs were printed this year! Way to go, Eleanor!

9. Kevin Tong

Also with eight printed designs in 2013 is Los Angeles-based artist Kevin Tong (AKA colt83)!

8. Dan Sheffield

Yet another designer with eight printed designs this year, Dan Sheffield’s number of Threadless designs has doubled in 2013! Can he get 16 prints next year to double his designs yet again? Only 2014 will tell!

7. Dianne Delahunty

Eight out of ten of Dianne Delahunty’s (AKA digsy) printed designs happened in 2013, including the winning design from our Simpsons design challenge!

6. David Olenick

For David Olenick (AKA DRO72), 2013 saw eleven printed designs for the New York-based artist.

5. Francis and Laurence Minoza

MADE collection aside, The brotherly duo Francis and Laurence Minoza (AKA nicebleed) had twelve printed designs this year! Or do we split their prints up six and six?

4. Ross Zietz

Threadstaffer Ross Zietz pulled in thirteen new designs this year. Are you rigging the system, Ross, or are you just that good? He’s definitely just that good.

3. Alex Solis

Another Threadstaffer, designer Alex Solis (AKA alexmdc) has had fifteen prints this year! How did Alex manage to land so many printed designs? He does it by creating incredible artwork every single day, and it pays off!

2. Dan Elijah Fajardo

Coming in second place, Dan Elijah Fajardo has 16 new prints under his belt at the end of 2013. Dan also deserves a huge high five for putting so much passion and effort into the Philippines relief tee.

1. Budi Satria Kwan

With twenty-one printed designs in 2013 alone, it’s no wonder that Budi Satria Kwan (AKA radiomode) was named Threadless Designer of the year. Budi is an unstoppable force in graphic design, though he’s too humble to agree.

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