Best Of 2013: Our Favorite Product Shots Of The Year

Number one perk of working for Threadless: posing in model shots. Check out of some our favorites from 2013.

1. SWEET BETTY’S SPARKLING YETIS Design by Ross Bruggink

We don’t know what’s a bigger legend: the yeti or that sweet, sweet do.

2. ADVENTURE AWAITS Design by Karen Hallion

Photographer Jen made that amazing Tardis, which was indeed bigger on the inside.

3. 99.1% PURE Design by John Tibbott

Photographer Nikki cooked up some sweet green smoke for this one.

4. SPOOKY SIDE UP Design by Michael Bancroft

Mmmmm, delicious video games.


Dave’s hair added the rock magic to this shot.

6. VINTAGE SELFIE Design by Eric Fan

Proof that Instagram selfies need more top hats.

7. MATADOR’S MATCH Design by Francis and Laurence Minoza and Evan Ferstenfeld

Alex whipped up a pretty accurate chalkboard drawing for the background of this one.

8. SELF MADE ZOMBIE. Design by Alberto Montt

Real zombies donated their limbs for this pic.

9. MAGIC IS REAL! Design by Perry Beane

No idea where that yeti came from.

10. I CAN HAZ CHEESEBURGER SPACESHIPS? Design by Tiffany Ambrose

Best thing about photos at Threadless: You get to eat the props afterwards

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