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    10 Mixed Media Artists Whose Work Will Tickle Your Soul

    In honor today’s release of our Mixed Media challenge winner, we chose to celebrate by showcasing the awesome mixed media artists from around the globe that inspired the challenge. Here are 10 recent examples of street, gallery, and sometimes random acts of artistry that truly embody the playful and compelling spirit of mixing creative media. (via Junk-Culture)

    Klaus Enrique

    Photographer Klaus Enrique creates portraits inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s paintings but recreated with actual objects and with a pop-culture twist.

    Julien Coquentin

    Julien Coquentin creates a surreal, dreamlike landscapes by photographing real life graffiti blended with costumed characters exploring people’s relationship with their surroundings in his creative photo series Please Draw Me a Wall.

    Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson creates a grotesque cast of creatures painting acrylic over socks.

    Till Könneker

    Till Könneker creates his self portrait in his mixed media project titled Waiting for Memories by tracing his outline in objects near and dear to the person he believes himself to be.

    Andre Levy

    Andre Levy creates teeny-tiny pop culture portraits on coins, giving the mass produced object sense of individuality with a project called Tales You Lose.

    Bordalo II

    Street artist Bordalo II creates epic art installations around the streets of the world using paint and found objects.

    Noah Scalin

    Natural Selection, a project by Noah Scalin of the website Skull a Day, uses various objects to create portraits for the more influential scientists, which are then rearranged to shape their science-y skulls.

    Ernest Zacharevic

    Street artist Ernest Zacharevic pairs painting with real life objects in murals around the world.

    Francisco De Pajaro

    Francisco De Pajaro takes London’s trash and turns it into little treasures by cleverly avoiding European anti-graffiti laws and creating street art on garbage piles.

    Florent Bodart