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  • A Letter From Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan (The Rainbow Sheikh)

    Like a God with tiger blood, I have inscribed the land with an inscription. What I have done is spelled out part of my name “HAMAD” in the earth via a collaborative project with my slaves friends from Bangladesh and Pakistan. We have designed this so the “H” is connected to a straight from the Arabian gulf and soon my whole name will be filled with glorious waters and I will be jet-skiing with Bree Olsen in canals that spell my name.

  • On Girls Who Only Like Jerks « Thought Catalog

    For the purposes of this article, ‘treats her like shit’ is defined by any or all of the following: Imposes upon her for repeated favors including but not limited to financial loans, free meals and car rides which he does not reciprocate tangibly or otherwise and to which he feels categorically entitled; is evasive about the ‘terms’ of the relationship, eluding discussions about sexual loyalty or future prospects; is detached or disaffected, refusing to demonstrate warmth or affection (particularly in public); is perpetually ‘going through something’ that requires an indefinite period of unusual distance on the part of the woman while he ‘figures out his shit’ (where ‘shit’ usually involves an ex-girlfriend, one or more other women or a destructive habit), or is belittling/demeaning to her and/or others.

  • 5 Text Messages You Never Want To Receive « Thought Catalog

    Booty texts are the rudest of all the texts. You always get them when you’re in bed and about to fall asleep. All of a sudden your phone buzzes and you see a text from someone who you only sleep with when you’re borderline unconscious. What’s funny is that when you receive these texts when you’re sober, you’re just like, “Are you kidding me? How dare you!” But the second you’re wasted, you send the same thing (“cum over cum over srsly cum over byeeee.” You have no shame in your drunk texting game.

  • 5 Foods That Are More Addictive Than Crack

    Warning: Consuming the five following foods will result in weight gain, disbelief (“I ate all of that? That can’t be possible! There’s no way. Wait, there’s video of me eating it? And a photo album on Facebook that’s titled, “Here are pictures of me eating this inordinate amount of food”? Curses!) and an overall sense of disgust with oneself. Avoid these foods at all costs and stick to eating a Clif bar instead. J/K, those are sick.

  • So You’ve Been Dumped

    If you’re wont to participate in what is typically referred to as a “relationship” (but more aptly described as a commitment to relentless disappointment), there may come a day that you are broken up with.

  • Top 5 Tweets From Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J

    My friend’s been RTing Violent J’s tweets lately, and they’re actually pretty damn funny. Of course, Violent J isn’t trying to be funny. At least – he’s not trying to be ironic funny. Like “look at this fucking Violent J” funny. Because Violent J certainly isn’t trying to be that kind of funny… they’re more like endearing, somewhat offensive, and ultimately, brutishly innocent. List at Thought Catalog.

  • Why Men Are Sexier In Briefs

    If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about many men that I haven’t personally browbeaten into submission, it’s that they don’t seem to care that much about what they wear. And the only reason I have moved to Europe is that I’m willing to sacrifice men’s charming command of my mother tongue for their ability to pair a scarf with a button-down…

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