24 Things That Prove Ken Griffey Jr. Was The Coolest Baseball Player Ever

Everyone loved The Kid. Here are some things that might make you love him even more.

1. 1. He once played a game in a backwards hat, platinum cleats, and a fake tattoo of his own logo on his arm

2. 2. He played the role of a villain in a baseball movie

Griffey’s Mariners (the bad guys) were battling the Twins (the good guys) for the final playoff spot in ‘Little Big League’. Griffey played a superstar centerfielder (himself) who could catch or hit anything.

3. 3. And looked incredibly cool in this badass scene

4. 4. He had the most popular rookie card ever

5. 5. He single-handedly almost got human cloning legalized

6. 6. He made catches like this

7. 7. And broke his wrist making this classic web gem

8. 8. He had his very own Super Nintendo game

10. 9. And he was the only person cool enough to be allowed to use their real name

11. 10. He made an appearance on The Simpsons

12. 11. In 1996 he ran for President of The United States

14. 12. He also had his own Nintendo 64 game

Call me, call me, call me Junior!

15. 13. And had his own cheat code that allowed him to hit a home run evey time he came to bat

L-L-R-R-R-L-L !!!

16. 14. His swing looked like this

17. 15. He was in an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

18. 16. And he turned down Hilary!

19. 17. He has his own rap song

20. 18. He made wearing your hat backwards cool

21. 19. He once competed in a celebrity slam dunk contest

22. 20. Everyone immitated his batting stance at some point in their life

23. 21. Michael Jordan took up baseball just so he could get The Kid’s autograph

24. 22. He saved baseball and landed the cover of GQ

25. 23. He hit A LOT of home runs. 630 to be exact.

26. 24. He could run from first to home in about 1.4 seconds

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