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The 12 Worst Things About The Return Of Football Season

We've been waiting all year for this. But now that football is back, we remember the reasons it kind of sucks.

Thomas Evans • 5 years ago

24 Things That Prove Ken Griffey Jr. Was The Coolest Baseball Player Ever

Everyone loved The Kid. Here are some things that might make you love him even more.

Thomas Evans • 6 years ago

The Most Insulting And Offensive Pizza In The World

Everyone loves pizza. But there is one kind that is a disgrace to humanity.

Thomas Evans • 6 years ago

16 Facts About People Who Don't Know Anything About Hockey

Some people love hockey. Some know almost nothing about the sport.

Thomas Evans • 6 years ago

11 Terrible Moms Who Did Not Get Any Gifts On Mother's Day

These terrible moms were all arrested for horrible crimes against their children, and probably didn't receive any Mother's Day gifts.

Thomas Evans • 6 years ago

11 Things Sonics Fans Can Do To Get Revenge On David Stern

Seattle despises David Stern. Here are some ways they can get even and punish the Seattle-hating NBA commissioner.

Thomas Evans • 6 years ago