16 Facts About People Who Don’t Know Anything About Hockey

Some people love hockey. Some know almost nothing about the sport.

1. 1. The Mighty Ducks are their favorite hockey team

2. 2. The Knuckle Puck is something they think the pros should try

3. 3. They always talk about how those big icerink truck things look really fun to drive

4. 4. WTF IS ICING!?!?!

5. 5. The standings make absolutely no sense to them. TOO MANY NUMBERS!

6. 6. They believe shootouts should happen every single game to make them more exciting

7. 7. They think air hockey is awesome!

8. 8. They know Team USA beat the Soviet Union in a hockey game one time

9. 9. They think hockey is way too violent and that all they do is fight

10. 10. They think the hockey trophy is pretty

11. 11. They think the puck is impossible to see and that they should highlight it to help make it easier to follow!

12. Here’s a highlight video proving how great of an idea highlighting the puck is

13. 12. They are dumbfounded that they only play three periods. Why not four quarters like everyone else?

14. 13. They always wonder why people are throwing octopus onto the ice

15. 14. The closest they’ve ever been to an actual hockey game is Gretzky 64

16. 15. Wayne Gretzky is the only hockey player they know

17. 16. Their favorite thing about hockey is Wayne Gretzky’s daughter

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