The 12 Worst Things About The Return Of Football Season

We’ve been waiting all year for this. But now that football is back, we remember the reasons it kind of sucks.

1. The first Sunday of the football season feels like Christmas morning

2. But there are a few things that kinda really suck about the return of football…

3. 1. Cleatus the Fox robot aka the worst robot ever

4. 2. The greatest TV channel of all time is actually the worst because it is terrible for your blood pressure

5. 3. Ruining a hard week of exercise and crossfit by spending 10 straight hours on the couch

6. 4. Bandwagon fans who will only show their allegiance when the team is winning

7. 5. The obnoxious fans of your favorite team’s biggest rival

8. 6. This man’s football trolling

9. 7. Everyone on Facebook becomes an obnoxious, status-posting football ‘expert’

10. 8. Having to hear about EVERYONE’S fantasy teams. Guys, we all play it, no one cares about your teams. Please kindly shut up

11. 9. Speaking of fantasy, losing your matchup will ruin your weekend.

12. 10. There’s a good chance you will make this same face many times throughout the season

13. 11. The Monday morning hangover

14. 12. The post-loss depression is intense, and can affect you all week

15. But seriously, all fantasy and actual season pains aside, football is back, and it’s the best time of the year.

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