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11 Things Sonics Fans Can Do To Get Revenge On David Stern

Seattle despises David Stern. Here are some ways they can get even and punish the Seattle-hating NBA commissioner.

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This Is David Stern.

David Stern Is In The Process of Breaking Seattle's Hearts Yet Again

Here Are 11 Ways Sonics Fans Can Get Revenge On David Stern And Make Him Sad

1. Make Him Sit Through 50 Boring Mariners Games

2. Put Him In Front Of A Charging Shawn Kemp

3. Remind Him That He and Clay Bennett Ruined Young Children's Lives

4. Yell This At Him

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5. Force Him To Live In Robert Swift's Trashed And Abandoned House

6. Slap Him In The Face With A Fish From Pike Place Market

7. Make Him Listen To Thrift Shop 25 Times In A Row Which Would Make Anyone Go Insane

8. Hire Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones To Seek Vengeance

9. Make Him Get A Seattle Storm Tattoo

10. Force Him To Lick The Gum Wall in Downtown Seattle 1000 Times

11. Put Him On The Field With The Legion Of Boom

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