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11 Terrible Moms Who Did Not Get Any Gifts On Mother's Day

These terrible moms were all arrested for horrible crimes against their children, and probably didn't receive any Mother's Day gifts.

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The mom who performed a strip tease at her son's elementary school assembly / Via

Aydrea Meaders, 24, of Albany, New York, was arrested after she allegedly stepped onto the stage of her son’s school assembly and began stripping off her clothes. She was charged with seven counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child and one count of Public Lewdness.

The mom who was arrested for covering her 8-year-old son’s face with duct tape / Via

This mom thought it would be hilarious to duct tape her son's eyes and mouth shut. Unfortunately, the father didn't agree. Neither did the police when they arrested her for child endangerment.

The mom who slapped someone else's kid at school / Via

Tshekka Collier arrived at her son's school to pick him up from the principal's office, mistook another child for her own, slapped the wrong kid in the face, then after realizing her mistake, slapped her own son. Lovely.

The mom who went on WebMD to help her son who had just been shot instead of call an ambulance / Via

Deborah Tagle did what we all do when we have cold symptoms or have just been shot in the arm: consult with WebMD.

The mom who tried selling her children to a stranger on Facebook / Via

Misty Van Horn attempted to sell her 10-month old baby for only $1,000. And even offered to throw in her 2-year old for only an additional $3,000! What a deal!

The mom who whipped her 5th grade daughter with a belt for getting a B on her report card / Via

Not only did she whip her with a belt, she also slapped her, and when her daughter vomited, most likely from being incredibly scared and traumatized, she forced her to clean up her vomit with her hands. All just for getting a B on her report card.

The mom who tried circumcising her own son from tips in a YouTube video / Via

Keemonta Peterson wanted to circumcise her son herself. So she did what anyone trying to learn something does and watched a YouTube video for tips. She pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal mistreatment.

These two moms that locked their children in a dog kennel instead of sending them to their rooms / Via

They were each charged with two counts of first-degree false imprisonment, two counts of felony child abuse and misdemeanor child abuse.

The mom who punished her son by forcing him to smoke marijuana and by pouring Tabasco sauce in his eyes

She was charged with intentional child abuse, four counts each of endangerment of a child, and two counts each of dealing in harmful materials to a minor.

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