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    I Ranked The "Outer Banks" Characters From Worst To Best, And You Cannot Change My Mind

    I have been obsessed with this show, so I needed to rank these characters. Warning: there are spoilers.

    🚨If you haven't watched Outer Banks, there are spoilers ahead!🚨

    12. Ward


    I don't think that anyone will disagree with me that Ward is the literal worst. Not only did he kill John B.'s dad, but he covered it up... then framed the son of the man he killed for a murder that his *son* was actually responsible for. Not to mention the most annoying line of the entire show that Sarah was diagnosed with bipolar so that her words would be discredited. Not cool, man.

    11. Rafe


    Rafe had some very serious problems during the show, and we only realized how deep they actually were when he shot someone. The problems that he had were pretty clear looking back on them, like when he beat up Pope literally just for beer and when it was revealed he had an addiction to drugs. Still, despite his clear problems, this is still one of my least favorite characters.

    10. Barry


    Up until the revelations in the last couple episodes, Barry was the worst. I understood when he wanted his money for the drugs he gave Rafe (though the methods he used to scare Rafe into giving it to him I do not agree with). But then he tried to steal from the gang!

    9. Wheezie


    Okay, Wheezie did let Sarah out, which was very helpful to John B. — but she was a snitch. She was really young and naïve about some of the things that her sister and her friends were doing and going through, and wanted to be included in more grown-up stuff like drinking and partying, but she didn't need to involve herself in every problem or situation Sarah got into.

    8. Deputy Shoupe


    Deputy Shoupe was not a bad guy. He may not have been perfect, but in the end he listened to his friend instead of some kid he didn't know about the person who killed another one of his friends. He was doing his job, even though it kind of made him a bad guy in this story.

    7. Topper


    Topper was not the coolest character, to be honest. He was in love with a girl who cheated on him — which wasn't cool especially after she promised not to — but that affected him, and those feelings caused him to do some pretty stupid things (ie: pushing John B. off a lighthouse). But in the end, he did help John B and Sarah escape and seems to be a good person at heart.

    6. Sheriff Peterkin


    Sheriff Peterkin was a bit of a mystery at the beginning as to whether she was good or not, but she proved that she was good and was just discretely putting together the parts of the mystery. She got killed for doing her job, which WASN'T cool... but as a character, she turned out to be a good person who only wanted to do the right thing. RIP.

    5. Pope


    Pope was pretty cool. We saw two Popes in the show: as one was an academic, and the other was one who had given up and turned to drugs. However, Pope for the most part was a caring guy who gave up a scholarship he had been working for to help his friends. He's an underrated character.

    4. Sarah


    Sarah was a pretty cool character, except for the part where she cheated on Topper. She was young and bound to make some mistakes, but that really wasn't cool. Sarah did end up becoming a good character, though, and the adventures of Valerie and Vlad not only helped the gang, but also let us get to know her character.

    3. Kiara


    Kiara is also a mystery. We learn early on that she is a Kook but she likes to hang with Pogues, and that she doesn't like any of the guys. There is definitely much more to figure out about this character, but from what we've learned so far, she is still a great addition to the show.

    2. John B.


    John B is the main character of the story, and as such, we learn the most about him. He is a strong lead despite all that has and is happening to him. He is determined and doesn't give up on anything, whether it's believing his dad is still alive or continuing to go after the gold.

    1. JJ


    JJ is the best character, and you cannot change my mind. He may have been a side character, but he absolutely stole the show! We learn that JJ has been abused throughout his life by his dad and that explains a lot of the characteristics that he has now. JJ is also a fun character who's one-liners are some of the funniest parts of the show.

    So, what are your thoughts? I said what I said, and you can't change my mind... but you can let me know your own ranking in the comments below.