5 Reasons Henry Mancini Is The Coolest Composer On Facebook

How does this legendary composer manage remain so damn fly? Mancini Facebook Mancini Twitter

1. He was a general badass

Dropped out of one of the most prestigious music colleges in the world to serve his country in WWII. He was involved in the liberation of one of the concentration camps in Southern Germany. And when he returned home, he decided to give the whole music act another go.

2. He’s giving away free stuff!

Giving out free copies of Mr. Lucky and Peter Gunn?! GAH so jealous..

3. He past away in ‘94 and yet his work is still abuzz

Of the hundreds of scores he’s done for film and television, it is needless to say, Henry Mancini set a tone for an entire era of film. His fans respect that fact and adore him for it.

4. He received THIS letter from Audrey Hepburn

What a guy! Swooning women with his sweet sweet tunes.

5. And just look at that smile!

Smokin’ his pipe and composing.. LIKE A BOSS!

“Um, there’s no smoking in here”
*Mancini smile*
“Can I fix you a drink with that, sir?”

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