The Absolute Best Quotes From Jim Morrison's Miami Trial

One of the most memorable incidents of The Doors’ legend is the controversy surrounding Jim Morrison’s arrest for “indecent exposure” after the band’s March 1, 1969 show in Miami. The updated Doors App, available now on iPad, features details about Jim's subsequent trial, original court documents, and transcripts of the testimony . In addition to the trial, the app features essays from David Fricke, Hunter S. Thompson, and Patti Smith, comprehensive explorations of each of the band's albums, its touring history, photos, music, and more. Download the app now, and immerse yourself in everything Doors.

thespellboundgroup • 4 years ago

10 Things You Never Knew About The Doors

The Doors just released a new app for iPad. It's full of little nuggets of information that you never knew about the band, like these 10 pieces of trivia.

thespellboundgroup • 5 years ago

Coolest Road Video Ever...

See what happens when talented artists have downtime on the road? They make something awesome like this. Neil Pauw, drummer from The Parlotones, took every single one of these pictures at SXSW 2011 and then made it into a stop-motion video set to their song "Rock Paper Scissors" from their debut LP, Radiocontrolledrobot. Step aside, Rebecca Black!

thespellboundgroup • 7 years ago