5 “Heart Attack” Covers That Beat Demi Lovato To The Punch

Demi Lovato still hasn’t released a full video for her new song “Heart Attack” so we’re bringing you our favorite covers to help tide you over.

1. Mary Desmond

Since Mary’s is the only full production cover video, we’ll start here. Little miss Mary has been quite the busy bee! She averages 3-4 cover videos a month and has star quality we can’t ignore.

2. Alex G Music

Alex’s acoustic version of “Heart Attack” is the right kind of cover video that hits hard with its core audience. Her sugary sweet vocals and cute co-star (a giant teddy bear) make this video one of our favorites.

3. Official Double Take

Double Take dudes, Brian Luu and Don Nguyen, bring some testosterone to table with their side-by-side harmonies that definitely make us want to do a double take.

4. Tera Brite

Tera Brite takes us to the Pop-Punk world with her high energy, angst-ridden take on Demi’s latest pop hit. This one is a “drive with the windows down, music turned up” kind of vibe.

5. JDViolinBoy

This little nugget could not be any cuter. This talented 9-year old can belt it out full force, all while tickling the ivories.

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