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5 “Heart Attack” Covers That Beat Demi Lovato To The Punch

Demi Lovato still hasn’t released a full video for her new song “Heart Attack” so we’re bringing you our favorite covers to help tide you over.

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Mary Desmond

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Since Mary’s is the only full production cover video, we’ll start here. Little miss Mary has been quite the busy bee! She averages 3-4 cover videos a month and has star quality we can’t ignore.

Alex G Music

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Alex’s acoustic version of “Heart Attack” is the right kind of cover video that hits hard with its core audience. Her sugary sweet vocals and cute co-star (a giant teddy bear) make this video one of our favorites.

Official Double Take

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Double Take dudes, Brian Luu and Don Nguyen, bring some testosterone to table with their side-by-side harmonies that definitely make us want to do a double take.

Tera Brite

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Tera Brite takes us to the Pop-Punk world with her high energy, angst-ridden take on Demi’s latest pop hit. This one is a “drive with the windows down, music turned up” kind of vibe.


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This little nugget could not be any cuter. This talented 9-year old can belt it out full force, all while tickling the ivories.

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