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10 Things You Never Knew About The Doors

The Doors just released a new app for iPad. It's full of little nuggets of information that you never knew about the band, like these 10 pieces of trivia.

1. Among The Other Firsts...

The Doors were the FIRST band ever to advertise a new album on a billboard. Jac Holzman chose the Chateau Marmont because it was a favorite nesting place of Jim’s.

2. Jim Morrison And Frank Sinatra Used The Same Microphone!

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Jim Morrison used the same kind of microphone to record Strange Days as Frank Sinatra used to record several of his own albums. According to Jac Holzman, Jim was super stoked on that fact.


3. If By No, You Mean Yes...

Jim Morrison swung like Tarzan from the ropes of the Aquarius Theater during the shows which became part of Absolutely Live. Permission was granted the moment someone said “I wouldn’t do that.” Want the rest of the story?

4. "Break On Through" Was The First Real Music Video

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“Break On Through” was the first real music video. Elektra filmed it to save The Doors from the exhaustion of an expensive promo tour; Elektra founder Jac Holzman would later co-create "Pop Clips" for Nickelodeon which evolved into MTV.

5. Jim, The Businessman

Jim was the major backer behind girlfriend Pamela Courson’s boutique, Themis, on La Cienega Boulevard. Hiway Productions, Jim’s film production company, also kept an office there.

6. Where Have I Seen You Before?

Jerry Scheff, the bassist on “Been Down So Long” from L.A. Woman also played in Elvis Presley’s band.

Find out who else played on the record.

7. Oh, Really?

Jim Morrison’s leather pants had no fly.

8. A Short History Lesson From Jim Morrison

“Horse Latitudes” from Strange Days was written about the troubles the Spanish Armada faced when ferrying horses to the new world. Their ships got stuck in the doldrums, a low pressure area of faint wind and calm seas. Jim Morrison said the song was about the moment when the soldier threw their horses overboard to allow the ships to move forward again.

9. That Would Have Been Weird

After the release of Other Voices and Full Circle, The Doors considered touring with Iggy Pop or Joe Cocker singing.

10. It Wasn't What It Looked Like...

Jim admitted in his testimony in the Miami Incident that he was "subtly" jealous of Robby’s ability to play the guitar, and he got close to it on stage in Miami to watch Robby's fingers move.

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