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10 Things You Never Knew About The Doors

The Doors just released a new app for iPad. It's full of little nuggets of information that you never knew about the band, like these 10 pieces of trivia.

1. Among The Other Firsts...

2. Jim Morrison And Frank Sinatra Used The Same Microphone!

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Jim Morrison used the same kind of microphone to record Strange Days as Frank Sinatra used to record several of his own albums. According to Jac Holzman, Jim was super stoked on that fact.


3. If By No, You Mean Yes...

4. "Break On Through" Was The First Real Music Video

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“Break On Through” was the first real music video. Elektra filmed it to save The Doors from the exhaustion of an expensive promo tour; Elektra founder Jac Holzman would later co-create "Pop Clips" for Nickelodeon which evolved into MTV.

5. Jim, The Businessman

6. Where Have I Seen You Before?

7. Oh, Really?

8. A Short History Lesson From Jim Morrison

9. That Would Have Been Weird

10. It Wasn't What It Looked Like...