26 Awesomesauce Parks And Recreation Valentine’s Day Gifts

Happy Galentine’s Day you beautiful tropical fish. I love you and I like you.

1. Ovaries Before Broveries Card


2. Leslie Knope Illustrated Valentine’s Day Card

Three different versions. Three inspiring Leslie Knope quotes.

3. Leslie Knope Happy Galentine’s Day Card

4. Another Amazing Happy Galentine’s Day Card

That’s right. You’re more fabulous than all of those inspiring women…PUT TOGETHER.

5. Hand Screen Printed Happy Galentine’s Day Card

6. Girls’ Night In Happy Galentine’s Day Card

7. Be Mine Galentine Card

8. Leslie and Ann Hoes Before Bros Card

Ovaries Before Broveries card + Happy Galentine’s Day card = THIS FANTASTIC CARD.

9. Happy Galentine’s Day Card Set

10. Happy Galentine’s Day Party Printables Package

It even includes cupcake toppers that say “Friends, Waffles, Work.” Perfect.

11. Happy Galentine’s Day Scoop Neck Sweater

12. I Love You and I Like You Handmade Card

Complete with rhinestones.

13. I Love You and I Like You Handpainted Canvas

14. Treat Yo Self Gold Foil Print

Clothes. Treat yo’ self. Fragrances. Treat yo’ self. Massages. Treat yo’ self. Fine leather goods . Treat yo’ self. It’s the best day of the year. IT’S THE BEST DAY OR THE YEARRR. Along with Galentine’s Day, of course.

15. Leslie Knope Musk Ox Card

Well said, Leslie. Well said.

16. April Ludgate Card


17. Pawnee Sweet Sayings Valentine’s Card Set

Tell someone that you awesomesauce them.

18. Ron Swanson Quote Posters

For the Ron Swanson man in your life…who’s probably the manliest man like EVER.

19. You Are My Ron Swanson Manly Valentine’s Day Card

Rustic, nature scene = MANLY.

20. Ron Swanson Illustrated Valentine’s Day Card

It comes in three versions with three different amazing Ron Swanson quotes. YES.

21. Ron Swanson Bacon and Eggs Card

22. Another Fantastic Ron Swanson Bacon and Eggs Card


23. You Had Me At Meat Tornado Card

Leave it to Ron Swanson to sweep a woman off of her feet with his words…

24. Ron Swanson Stachetastic Card

Because if your man is stachetastic, then he’s like a keeper.

25. Set of Four Handmade Cards

Because calzones are delicious, but your love for him or her is NOT fictitious.

26. Happy Galentine’s Day Quotes Card

Happy Valentine’s Day! And remember this about Galentine’s Day:

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