TheOriginalArika Blackfella mum. Whitefella dad. Aboriginal all the time.
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  • Debunking The Aboriginal Myth - Part 2

    When I type Aboriginal people into google I get - A picture of Bess Price, Anthony Mundine, Cathy Freeman, Tony Abbott (Yes - the irony), and a bunch of white ‘experts.’ I like to think I’m not an expert, I know stuff, not all of it, but a lot more than other people. I just don’t have a PhD next to my name saying I know Aboriginal stuff; because rather than study it, (I did that too) I live it.

  • Debunking The Aboriginal Myth - Part 1

    Many people think Aboriginal people are either; grass skirt wearing, spear weilding bush men, Warren Mundine, Anthony Mundine, or a typical drunk black. Here’s a few facts about both Aboriginal people and Aboriginal Australia that may or may not surprise you. Please also, keep your racist comments to yourself - we all know the world doesn’t need to see more racist bogan Australian’s at work.

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