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Women Are Posing Naked To Reclaim Their Bodies

Caitlin Stasey's new project,, gives women a platform to embrace themselves completely. Note: This post contains nudity.

Australian actress Caitlin Stasey has just launched, a feminist website designed to empower women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, sexualities, and gender identities.

The Please Like Me star revealed she was inspired to create the site after recognising the need for a space for all women – whether they be cisgender, trans, genderqueer, or intersex – to talk about their experiences.

When she started the project, Stasey said, she was struck by how many of the women posing for the photos apologised for their bodies.

Stasey credited photographer Jennifer Toole, who shot all the women currently featured on the site, with helping to put everyone at ease.

Stasey said that despite the disheartening way women are pitted against one another, she's never happier than with other women and wants the site to project that feeling.

Check out for the powerful profiles – and go here if you're interested in participating yourself.