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    • nikki M

      I would be more concerned with #3,4,5,9 and 13 as possible early onset Schizophrenia. Kids at that age should not talk about hurting any one and if they do you better take them seriously because these are the kids that will kill or hurt someone just for the fun of it. Hope you sleep with one eye opened and a locked door if this sounds like your kid. As a child myself and having a sibling whom tryed 6 times to kill me in 2yrs its not a laughing matter. I still have nightmares I was 5yrs old the first time and I am almost 9 now and even though I know she didn’t mean it personally cause she was just doing what the voices in her head told her to do its still hard to not take it personally. I love my sister but I don’t ever want to be alone with her again. She had several Psychosis and melt downs and cause I was so little she always took it out on me. I was scared so I didn’t tell my mom about it for a long time but since I was very little she has been mean and violent towards me and our animals so please don’t take it as a joke or your or your kids could die for real if you have a child like these. here is a link

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