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    Posted on Dec 11, 2011

    Rare Footage Of Eels Out Of Water

    What does a huge green moray eel look like out of water? These coral cave dwellers are rarely seen above the water's surface, an it's only happened a couple of times at the New England Aquarium for medical exams. Here's footage from some of those exams.

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    Eel out of water video #1 The divers in the New England Aquarium's Giant Ocean Tank took Bob the green moray eel for a medical exam on December 8, 2011. Details on why they did this and preliminary exam results here.

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    Eel out of water video #2 Veterinarians at the New England Aquarium use an x-ray machine to examine one of the Aquarium's moray eels in the spring of 2009. Details on the exam here.

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