7 Reasons Why Elephants Are Awesome

We all love elephants, here are 7 more reasons why!

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5. Elephants hire babysitters / Via

After carrying their unborn young for around 22 months, it’s no wonder that mother elephants sometimes need a break. Elephant culture embodies the “it takes a village” mindset, with mothers appointing several babysitters to care for her baby so that she has time to eat enough to produce sufficient milk for it.

6. Elephants have a great sense of humor

Buzzfeed / Via

"If the internet loves anything, it’s a good sense of humor. Look at this elephant just goofin’ around like one of the guys. What a goof! Welcome to the internet, friend. You’ll fit right in."

7. And finally, they have their own pants!

The Elephant Pants / Via

And we need help saving them from poaching! With every pair of Elephant Pants sold, $1 will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation to keep these playful, awesome creatures around. Look good, and help our tusk-y friends!