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    • TheDutch

      Hey Rosie! Abhas Mitra and Stephen Hawking independently showed that stuff does escape and that black holes are actually more like grey holes with “Apparent Horizons” instead of inflexible “Event Horizons”. They’re still super scary, but after tweaking the math they’re not quite so bad. A nice side effect is that Grey Holes work better with quantum mechanics which states that energy can never be lost, as Black Hole theory used to predict. Not anymore! Grey Holes let energy escape, which lines up with Quantum theory.  Boom goes the Grey Hole!

    • TheDutch

      Mauer’s from St. Paul, though yes he does play in MLPS. The Lucy’s origins are unclear, though Mickey’s Nook (eh hem, in St. Paul) is oft sourced as Lucy’s birth bar.  Lots of folks have ungrown out of Grain Belt if only because of their latest brew, the Nordeast brew. Friggin amazing stuff.  Biggest thing here - Minneapolis really doesn’t represent St. Paul. Totally different vibes.

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