14 Photos That Help Explain How Fireworks Make Our Souls Sing

Fireworks have the power to reach into our the deepest parts of our being. As soon as the first flash lights up the sky, they take us by the heartstrings and fill us with joy.

1. First of all, imagine you’re at a really good fireworks show.

2. The moment you see the first explosions of light, you’re taken by their beauty.

3. There’s something so captivating about brightly sparkling lights. The longer we watch, the harder it becomes to look away.

4. Now consider how young we are when we first experience their wonder.

5. We learn to appreciate that they represent celebration and the simpler joys of life.

6. Well into adulthood, they’re are a symbol for coming together to enjoy life for awhile.

7. Even if it’s just with a few sparklers on a random night, the light tickles our imaginations.

8. Would we say we “felt fireworks” if they didn’t hold a special place in our hearts?

9. As soon as we have kids, we share the magic with them too, setting up the next generation to carry on the tradition.

10. Those joyous memories become linked to other happy memories, and live on with us forever.

Fireworks are inexorably tied to magic. What better proof is there than the incredible light show at the Magic Kingdom in Disney?

11. We love them for their ability to make everything look wonderful…

12. For their fleeting beauty.

13. And the way they make us all feel. Words almost can’t describe it.

14. But just no denying it - fireworks make our souls happy.

Just look at this young man, he’s having the time of his life.

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