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Yellow Watermelon Is The Summer Food Trend You Need To Try Like Yesterday

Yellow is the new red.

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Summer is well underway, and everyone is wasting no time snacking on the season's juicy and refreshing staple: THE WATERMELON!

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But, imagine if you will, cutting into one expecting a crimson red center and finding out it was golden yellow.

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*Takes a moment to be sincerely shocked*

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That's right folks, yellow watermelon is totally a thing!

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According to, a yellow watermelon gets its coloring because it lacks an antioxidant* found in red watermelons.

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*That antioxidant is called lycopene. Lycopene is also found in tomatoes.

Some people say that yellow watermelon is sweeter and tastes a bit more like honey when compared to a red one.

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Yet, most people don't taste the difference.

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Yellow watermelon can be eaten in any number of ways such as traditionally sliced...

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...or served atop your favorite breakfast waffle.

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People are eating them along with their scrumptious backyard burgers...

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...and even topping them with chocolate.

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...made into a tasty vegan juice...

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...or combined with your favorite wine.

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The sky really is the limit in terms of how this summer treat can be enjoyed.

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And people are definitely enjoying them.

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They are enjoying them with their little special someones...

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They can't keep their paws off it...

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Yellow may be the new red this summer, but, there will always be room in your heart for both.

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