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    Meet The Instagram Couple Who Are Swole Much In Love

    Swole as in MUSCULAR AF!

    Meet Bibbi Deg and Gian Luca.

    If you were to pass them on the street (with their clothes on), you may do a double take because they are a pair of gorgeous studs.

    When they take their shirts off, however, they are a couple of Italian Gods!

    Seriously, they are SWOLE AF!

    Recently, the two celebrated their 9 year anniversary on Instagram, and we can ~see~ how they have managed to keep the romance alive for close to a decade.

    They hold each other accountable for their dental hygiene...

    ...and enjoy cups of coffee in the morning together.

    Sometimes they invite their dogs to join them during breakfast...

    ...and on fun family vacations.

    They are practically dads of the year.

    When they can't figure out what to cook for the night...

    ....they just order from Seamless.

    Of course they work out together...

    ...and, like any couple, have passed out together on the couch after a few too many drinks.

    They may have their disagreements from time to time...

    ...butt *cough* but they know that any problem can be solved with a cuddle.

    Lucky for us, they like to cuddle A LOT!

    You can follow more of Bibbi and Gian's adventures here and here!