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36 Thoughts From The "Undies Out Restrooms" Instagram

Men are stripping down to their underwear in public restrooms for the somewhat NSFW Undies Out Restrooms Instagram account. Looks aside, here are some thoughts you may have when looking at the photos.

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1. Now that I have seen Superman, I have to see Batman. This rivalry can only be settled via underwear selfie.

2. He's serving up signature Miley Cyrus...tongue out, pants off.

3. Why does this guy look confused? Yes, you are willingly taking an underwear selfie for an Instagram page. No, I don't know why.

4. Is that a Charles Manson shirt?

5. Beast...exclamation point.

Also, is everything bigger in Texas?

6. I guess sticking your tongue out is a trend.

7. Every thigh tattoo of a rose has its undies.

Also, is that a phone case or the bat mobile?

9. Bulge or pair of rolled up socks?

10. You can tell a lot about what bathroom a guy would take an underwear selfie in simply by looking at how gold his watch is.

11. If you're so cold, maybe you want to keep your pants on.

12. A white button down and glasses will always add a bit of sophistication to any picture.

13. Is this an airplane bathroom?

14. What's the story, Wishbone?

15. When your hair matches your phone, underwear, and bathroom color scheme.

16. He's such a misfit that you can't even tell if he is wearing underwear.

17. When being part of this world means taking underwear photos in public restrooms.

18. Is that a hair dryer?

Also, that male symbol on that bathroom sign is interestingly placed.

19. That hat makes this photo so much more hip than it would have been without it.

20. The expression you give when someone at the public gym catches you taking an underwear selfie.

21. Bruce Banner before turning into the Hulk.

22. Nothing says cool like a backwards cap.

24. Maybe wearing white is not the best for a rainy day.

25. Do these have a back? If not, how do these stay on?

26. Employees must wash hands before returning to work.

27. When's the last time I made a paper airplane?

28. Pretty sure these is a fashion rule against striped ties and netted, yellow underwear.

29. I get it. You're an artist.

30. Friends don't let friends take underwear selfies...alone.

31. Great to see more diaper changing stations in male bathrooms.

Sorry, not the king of the man bun.

32. When in doubt, middle school donut hand pose. Pretty sure it is Tyra approved.

33. Does the beard match the carpet?

34. Does the size of your underwear selfie matter?

Also, are those faux jeans with an elastic waist?

35. Who's taking this photo: friend or smart phone self timer? That's dedication.

36. Brings a new meaning to "pineapple under the sea."

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