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    33 Times The "Scream Queens" Cast Redefined Squad Goals And Left You Dead

    Scream squad.

    1. When Chanel Oberlin and Dean Munsch threw serious shade.

    2. When Chanel No. 3 and Chanel No. 5 had some business to attend to.

    3. And then when they went shopping at Walmart like the rest of us.

    4. When Grace and Pete took a break from investigating to take a silly selfie.

    5. When Chanel No. 1 seriously could not with her BF's mustache.

    6. When Hester became Chanel No. 6 and had a slumber party with the others.

    7. When Chad and Boone took their bromance to new ~levels~.

    8. When Chanel No. 1 and Hester worked off those Hell Week mayonnaise shots.

    9. When the men of the Dickie Dollar Scholars and the ladies of Kappa Kappa Tau united for an Oscars-worthy selfie.

    10. When the Kappas became superheroes to ward off the Red Devil.

    11. When Gigi and Wes were 10 minutes into ~Netflix and chill~ and he pulled out a chainsaw.

    12. When the Ryan Murphy worlds of Scream Queens and Glee converged.

    13. When Zayday totally sneaked up on Grace and showed just how much fun they have with each other off-screen.

    14. When Earl Grey and Chad represented their fraternity with pride.

    15. When Denise was off duty and snagged Dean Munsch for a quick pic.

    16. When a simple photo booth became the most epic party ever.

    17. When Dean Munsch need a selfie stick in order to capture all the fabulousness.

    18. When Chanel No. 3 and Chanel No. 5 braved the forces of nature and kept their hair dry.

    19. When the Dickie Dollar Scholars worked out before a game of golf.

    20. And when they heard something suspicious but couldn't make out what it was.

    21. When the Kappas met up for a mixer and completely slayed.

    22. When the boss himself, Ryan Murphy, showed up at the cast's rooftop soirée.

    23. When Chad, Pete, Earl Grey, and a few of their friends showed off their best Ronda Rousey poses.

    24. When there was a moment of silence taken for the amazingness that is Yoo-hoo.

    25. When the cast reached a new level of cool while riding an airboat.

    26. When Chanel No. 3 needed to fill in Chanel No. 1 about the day's gossip.

    27. When the Red Devil got to Pete and, like a good bro, Chad helped him get stitched up.

    28. When the men of Scream Queens were pointing right at you and made you feel all kinds of things.

    29. When Chanel No. 3 and Chanel No. 5 tried to make robes happen.

    30. When you just knew the cast was up to some crazy shenanigans.

    31. When there was a black formal and you weren't even invited.

    32. When the fellas tried to be scream kings...

    33. And the ladies had to show them how it's done.