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20 Something Thoughts From "Younger" Season 1, Episode 5 "Girl Code"

The one with the menstrual cup.

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1. It's not a proper walk of shame unless you have lost some clothes and self-respect."


We open the episode with a shirtless Josh. Yes please. He's shirtless because, after hooking up, his shirt was sucked into the vacuum where all hookup clothing go. I've never lost a shirt, but, I can see his shirt floating around a pair of underwear and socks. In this case, Josh and Liza are somewhat in a relationship. In my case, I was drunk, woke up in someone's bed, and just had to get the hell out of there. No time to dig around especially when you realize your hookup is sleeping on said clothing item.

2. Liza is tired from too much partying and sex

I wish I had her 20-Something life. I spend my twenties too broke to go out and pretty much sexless. Not all of us have landed that publishing job just yet. So, I'm mostly tired from all my stress, job hunting, and self deprecation.

3. The Goddess Cup

So, as a gay male, I can't speak too much about menstrual cups. But, I can speak to how it has popped up on my newsfeed so much recently. I feel like we are living in an age of the menstrual cup renaissance. Like Kelsey says, "It's like a tampon but eco-friendly." I mean, anything that helps the fight against Global Warming...right?

4. Message Boards Filled With Angry Emojis

Is Kelsey's friend still using AIM? Does she have a livejournal? Are message boards still a thing?

5. Orgasming...At Work

Kelsey is creeped out by the idea. But, eight plus hours is a long time away from home. I will neither confirm nor deny that it has happened to me, but, I know it's a thing. On that note, I need to "use the restroom" and this screenshot of Josh is coming with me.

6. Liza Pulls Our The Goddess Cup

Yes. Liza goes all "Nicole Richie versus the cow in Simple Life season 1" in order to help Kelsey.

7. Car Service


I just happened to be on a talk show the other day, and the show sent over a car to pick me the Bronx. It had mints and a small bottle of water waiting for me. Taking a duck-faced selfie next to it totally happened. As well as "#Ballin." It's totally an experience worth having in your 20s. #Glamorous #FirstClass #Traffic #NotSarcasm

8. "You're very well read. I'm impressed."

Here's an example of "reverse ageism." Sure, Liza isn't really a 20-Something, but she is playing one who has had extensive studies in Literature. A degree is still a degree and people who study literature read a lot. 20-Somethings are not just consumed by technology.

9. Craigslist Roommate

I spent a summer in New York looking for a roommate on Craigslist. The best I got were a bunch of scams and unreturned phone calls. It has worked for some, but Craigslist can get shady. See: Craigslist Killer Lifetime Film

10. Friends

There was a "Gilmore Girls" reference last week. There is an entire art gallery inspired by "Friends" this week. Another show a lot of 20-Somethings like to binge watch that I don't. In college, before Netflix, I knew a group of people who owned all the DVDs and would have viewing parties religiously. These parties were followed by "Friends: Scene It." Things got ugly.

11. "I love a guy in a high bun."

Yeah...I don't. I wish the fad would die. NEXT!

12. Undefined Relationships

I feel like back in the day you met someone, went on dates, then married that person. This day and age, "seeing" someone is different than "dating" someone which is different than "talking" to someone. We are swimming in a sea of dating labels. Get me out of here.

13. Dibs

I once went on a trip with a friend to Fire Island. There was a dibs war on the cuter of two friends sitting in front of us. We ended up meeting up with them on the Island. The cuter one talked to me more. My friend got stuck with the other one. He ended up making out with both. I ended up with no one and bitter. Thus, my whole view on "dibs." Just don't fight over anyone, especially if it's with your best friend.

14. Siri

Honestly, I never use Siri. I like researching things on my own, and I just have a love/hate relationship with voice recognition software. I spend more time trying to correct what I am saying than I would just pulling up a google app and typing. I do like asking Siri to sing and calling it expletives when I am really bored. Yes. It. Siri is not a woman. It's a computer program. This is not "HER."

15. Girl Code


Everything I learned about Girl Code, I learned from Carly Aquilino from MTVs "Girl Code." Maybe if Kelsey was rocking Hilary Duff's new pink hair and had floating sunglasses behind her, then I would be more invested in this convo.

16. Ageism

The whole conversation about turning late thirties is classic 20-Something ageism. It's later reinforced by the text Liza gets about Kelsey poisoning her Ensure when she turns 40. It's classic 20-Something exaggeration. 20-Somethings can be pretty pretentious. I admire that the show can show both sides of ageism.

17. Salud, bitches!

Why women call each other bitches, big booty hoes, and hookers is beyond my comprehension. Why I call my gay friends the same is farther beyond. I felt like I was watching that episode of How I Met Your Mother featuring the "Woo Girls." We all know they exist. Plus, we get to see Kelsey take some more shots. Girl may have a problem.

18. Shwarma

A little bit of street meat after a whole night of drinking goes a long way.

19. Cinnamon Toast

Liza says her toast with butter and cinnamon sugar is like eating a hug. You know what's like eating a hug? Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Actually, it's like eating foreplay.

20. Tiger Beat references before 1990.'s still around. #NoComment #RickSpringfield

22. Cher

Kelsey (aka Hilary Duff) doing everything I could wish for. Cher is ageless.

23. Pretty Woman

It was a cute moment, though I am partial to the whole John Cusack holding a boom box outside your window apology. But, I guess they went with a 90s film because, you know, no references before 1990.

24. Performance Spaces

A 20-Something finds someone their own art gallery in exchange for weed. I know plenty of 20-Something artists with connections to weed, that Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint weed, and they have no space for their work. Only if we lived in a weed bartering economy.

25. Final Thought: Cheap Wine and Plastic Cups

Now that's a party!

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