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    18 Roles Amy Adams Should’ve Won An Academy Award For...But Didn’t

    If you haven't seen Junebug...why not?

    If you were a Disney fan in 2007, you know how much people loved Enchanted.


    The ballroom dance with "So Close" by Jon McLaughlin playing in the background? An absolute masterpiece.

    This week, Disney announced that production on the sequel, Disenchanted, has begun, and I'm freaking out just a little bit.

    #Disenchanted has started production! Directed by Adam Shankman, starring Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Idina Menzel, Maya Rudolph, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jayma Mays, Kolton Stewart, Oscar Nuñez & Gabby Baldacchino. #Disenchanted is streaming on @DisneyPlus in 2022!

    Twitter: @Disney

    The announcement got a lot of people talking about Amy's past roles, and more specifically, the roles that she didn't win an Oscar for.

    I'm wondering what more Amy Adams has to do to get the damn Oscar...

    She currently has six Oscar noms.

    We're all hoping for a rewarding future, though.

    when amy adams finally win an oscar for this sequel then what

    1. Junebug

    Amy Adams in Junebug
    Sony Pictures Classics

    "She was fantastic in Junebug; she was so pure and innocent — all she wanted was to be loved and have a family. So pure, and she played it with such heart." —u/GrinitD

    2. Vice

    Amy Adams in Vice
    Mirror Releasing

    "Vice is a hot mess, but Christian Bale and Amy Adams? Academy Award." —@LaSplitsville

    3. Arrival

    Amy Adams in Arrival
    Paramount Pictures/Sony Pictures Releasing International/Stage 6 Films

    "Arrival is such a good movie. Amy Adams deserved an Oscar for the opening sequence alone." —@stokeseeswift

    "My Oscar nomination for Best Actress is, undoubtedly, Amy Adams in Arrival. I love this movie, and Adams' performance is great." —@mjdazaromero

    4. The Woman in the Window

    Amy Adams in the woman in the window
    Melinda Sue Gordon/Netflix

    "The Woman in the Window is Oscar worthy. Amy Adams did what had to be done for that role!" —@Brunoflawless2

    5. Enchanted

    Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey in enchanted
    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "Enchanted is the most egregious Amy Adams Oscar snub — there will be no debate on this matter." —@hijean

    6. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

    Amy Adams and Ben Stiller in night at the museum
    20th Century Fox

    "Amy Adams deserved an Oscar for her portrayal of Amelia Earhart in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian...I don’t make the rules." —@rosisboss

    7. The Fighter

    Amy Adams in the fighter
    Paramount Pictures/The Weinstein Company

    "I’m going with The Fighter because I think it’s one of her most underrated performances, one I really felt should’ve won her an Oscar (we’ll get one for you bb!!!)" —@hurleyybird

    8. American Hustle

    Amy Adams in american hustle
    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "I’ll never find peace because at least once a month I get angry over how Amy Adams was ROBBED of that Oscar for American Hustle, and I will never be able to get over that." —@KissMadeline

    9. Big Eyes

    Amy Adams in big eyes
    The Weinstein Company

    "Amy Adams deserved that Oscar for Big Eyes...she carried the whole movie with just her eyes. She didn't even need a dialogue. Her eyes just expressed her emotions." —@urenigmaa

    10. Doubt

    Amy Adams in doubt
    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "Amy Adams did not teach aliens English and learn an alien language in Arrival for the Academy to not give her the Oscar she deserved 10 years ago for Doubt." —@AnEnigmaInDrag

    "Amy and Viola were both up for Best Supporting Actress for Doubt, and, yes, they both should have won." —@DartDClark

    11. Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Amy Adams in drop dead gorgeous
    New Line Cinema

    "Drop Dead Gorgeous is the most underrated movie of our time, and Amy Adams should have won an Oscar for her performance as Leslie Miller." —@svershbow

    12. Talladega Nights

    Amy Adams in talladega nights
    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "Amy Adams' monologue in Talladega Nights was Oscar worthy. If you disagree, fight me." —@PopovFanAcct

    13. Nocturnal Animals

    Amy Adams in nocturnal animals
    Focus Features

    "What she says: I’m fine.

    What she really means: It’s funny how Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal have never won an Oscar and starred together in Nocturnal Animals, where they gave Oscar-worthy performances, but they still didn’t win an Oscar; in fact they WEREN’T EVEN NOMINATED." —@AMYAD4MS

    "The fact that Amy Adams didn’t win an Oscar for Nocturnal Animals is my villain origin story." —@garybarIowx

    14. Julie & Julia

    Amy Adams in julie & julia
    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "Amy Adams not getting an Oscar nod for Julie & Julia is a disgrace." —@NokkonWud

    15. Catch Me If You Can

    Amy Adams in catch me if you can
    DreamWorks Pictures

    "I'm still angry Amy Adams didn't get an Oscar for Catch Me If You Can." —@fashionpolisa

    16. The Wedding Date

    Amy Adams in the wedding date
    Universal Studios

    "Amy Adams deserved an Oscar for her performance in The Wedding Date, and y’all have been sleeping on her ever since." —@Kel_Margaret

    17. The Muppets

    Amy Adams and Jason Segel in the muppets
    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "Amy Adams deserves her Oscar not because of all the uncountable perfect performances she has done in her career but because of her character in The Muppets movie." —@reyexoff

    "Amy Adams should’ve gotten an Oscar AND a Golden Globe for the role in The Muppets (2011)." —@afterglowanaiis

    18. The Master

    Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman in the master
    The Weinstein Company

    "Not entirely overlooked since she was Oscar nominated, but I feel too few people talk about how great Amy Adams is in The Master. Conversation always ends up being about Phoenix and Hoffman." —@jamesmoules

    Which Amy Adams pick is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

    Note: Inclusions have been edited for length and clarity.