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    • TheBigCat

      I don’t see what’s “offensive” about any of these ads. If you “can’t” lose weight, then seeadoctor. That’s whatIdid.
      Itried like crazy to lose weight, and it just wasn’t happening. Turns out, my thyroid was shot to hell because of an autoimmune disorder, so nowItakeavery inexpensive synthroid onceaday.  But that didn’t solve the problem. Working out (hard) and watching my diet did. But because my body’salittle goofy,Ihave to workoutalittle harder and watch my dietalittle closer than most people.  Is that fair? May be not, but that’s life. You get what you work for. Period.  And if you don’t like how you look, WORK to change it. Or else accept it, and know that people like me have no remorse for you when you get sad about how you’re “portrayed.”

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