17 Tiny Horses In The City

You might not know it, but tiny horses are everywhere. Via TinyHorses

1. Tiny horses are known for puddle jumping.

2. Tiny horses tolerate geese more than other species.

3. This tiny horse needs a place to sit on the train.

4. This tiny horse thinks he’s paper.

5. This tiny horse was caught goofing around in the office copy room.

6. This tiny horse is telling a fart joke.

7. Must be Take Your Tiny Horse to Work Day.

8. Inspired by Tilda Swinton, this tiny horse is working on a series for MoMA called “Eight Legs & Not a Spider.”

9. This tiny horse was fine with sharing his seat since they had the same color hair.

10. Why is no one doing anything?!

11. This tiny horse is a fan of Chicago and a big optimist.

12. This tiny horse forgot to transfer. He’s super mad now.

13. Tiny horses are fans of Shamrock Shakes.

14. This tiny horse is too tiny to start shaving.


This tiny horse is checking the mail.


This tiny horse’s name is Hazelnut, so she thought it was funny.

17. This is not a tiny horse. This is a big horse jumping over a bridge.

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