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19 Unpopular "Twilight" Opinions That Might Get You A Little Fired Up

Let's just go ahead and rearrange every relationship.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us all of their unpopular Twilight opinions. Here are the wild and controversial results:

1. Taylor Lautner was too young and immature to play Jacob.

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He couldn't be a real love interest for Kristen Stewart and competition for Robert Pattinson, regardless of how old they were supposed to be in the movie. Optically, the casting was ALL WRONG.


2. Alice's vision scene in Breaking Dawn: Part 2 should've been real.

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It would've made the stakes for the entire series way higher and more exciting. It all just tied up too nicely. The shock of that scene was the most exciting part of the entire series.


3. Seth Clearwater, not Jacob, should have imprinted on Renesmee.

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I feel like they would’ve been a better match than her and Jacob. It was weird because Jacob was an adult by the end of Breaking Dawn and he’d spent so much of his life in love with Bella. Seth, on the other hand, was an actual kid just like Renesmee, and I feel like they would work better as a pair.


4. Bella should have ended up with Paul.

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Jacob was a “nice guy” and Edward was high key creepy. Bella should have ended up with Paul — at least they had some chemistry, and that was from being on screen together for two whole seconds!


5. Carlisle shouldn't have bitten Edward and Esme.

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He purposely bit Esme and Edward without allowing them to consent before they became vampires. So really, they were stuck with eternal life whether they liked it or not.


6. Charlie deserved better than the way Bella and the Cullens treated him.

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He was a good dad that was just trying to be present in his daughter's life, and the Cullens treated him like a moron and shut him out like his feelings didn’t even matter.


7. Jacob should have imprinted on a new character instead of Renesmee.

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It doesn't really make sense to be in love with your best friend and then find out you're destined to be with your best friend's child. A new character should have joined the series and got together with Jacob, someone who we'd get to understand as a character instead of being forced to accept in one movie.


8. The love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob was pointless.

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Bella always clearly had much stronger feelings for Edward.


9. The movies, especially Twilight, have amazing soundtracks.

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The baseball scene deserves the hype, but there's also "Spotlight" by Mutemath when Edward says, "Since I'm going to hell," and "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine during their dance at prom — everything feels like it's made just for that scene.


10. Renesmee is a beautiful name.

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11. More characters should have died.

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With the high stakes and the varying levels of danger, there should have been more losses. No one we truly loved or connected with died in the process. It lacked emotional depth by allowing all the favorites to survive insane circumstances.


12. The wolf pack should have had their own books.

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I preferred them over the Cullens anyways, ESPECIALLY Embry Call.


13. Catherine Hardwicke should have directed all the movies.

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She directed Twilight and was the best director the series had.


The blue palette of Twilight is iconic. And Catherine Hardwicke was the perfect director who very stylishly made the movie more like a cool indie romance instead of like a popular young adult novel adaptation, which is the vibe that the rest of the series followed.


14. The anticlimactic end of Breaking Dawn was a good way to finish the series.

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I like that it didn’t end with the inevitable battle, but with a nonviolent solution. It makes it pretty unusual.


15. Jacob and the wolf pack should have been women.

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In the gender-swapped Twilight book, Life and Death, Bella is "Beau" and Jacob is "Jules." I think Jacob should have always been Jules. She wasn't whiney like Jacob, and the wolf pack was a strong sisterhood. Jules could have fought for Bella because she didn't want her best friend to become a vampire, or because she was in love with her, or somewhere in between. Either way, Jules would have made the story more compelling and relatable.


16. The scene in Breaking Dawn: Part 2 where Bella yells at Jacob is the best scene from Kristen Stewart in all the films.

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17. Bella should’ve been with Alice.

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They had more chemistry than Bella/Edward and Bella/Jacob combined.


18. Jessica Stanley is underrated.

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She's nice to Bella when she's the new girl at school, and when Bella jumps onto a random guy's vehicle, Jessica puts up with her stupid behavior despite having her own problems. Also, Jessica is a better role model: She feels bad after her breakup with Mike, yet she tries to move on and she never throws herself from atop a cliff.


19. And the series should have ended with Edward becoming human.

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I don’t think that Bella becoming a vampire is a “happy” ending. Edward tells us the entire series how torturous it is. To me, a happy ending would be creating a way to make vampires human again.


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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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