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24 Turning Points When TV Shows Became Better Than You Could Ever Imagine

Schitt's Creek was good in the first two seasons, but Season 3 was actual art.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for moments when a good TV show became a true masterpiece. Here are the results:

🚨Warning: Spoilers ahead! 🚨

1. When Lisa on The Simpsons got a substitute teacher for an episode who finally understood her, only for him to leave shortly after.

Lisa's substitute handing Lisa a note and saying, "Whenever you feel like you're alone and there's nobody you can rely on, this is all you need to know," and the note says, "You are Lisa Simpson"

2. When Buffy found out on Buffy the Vampire Slayer that a prophecy predicted the slayer would die soon and she refused to be the slayer anymore.

Buffy saying, "I don't care, Giles, I'm 16 years old, I don't wanna die"

3. On The West Wing, when President Bartlet ranted against God after Mrs. Landingham died.

President Bartlet asking what he did to displease god

4. On WandaVision, when Wanda suddenly became pregnant, a mysterious beekeeper arrived, Wanda rewound time, and the world filled with color all in a matter of minutes.

A beekeeper, Wanda saying "no," and Vision surrounded by a black-and-white world filling with color

5. When Patrick was introduced on Schitt's Creek.

David and Patrick bantering

6. When we learned the identity of the Bent-Neck Lady in The Haunting of Hill House as she dropped through all her "past" hauntings from a new perspective.

Nell looking scared at the camera at three different ages

7. When we learned that Hannibal had kept Miriam alive for years on Hannibal.

Miriam Lass in a hole

8. On The Office episode "The Injury," when Michael burned his foot and tried to get the whole office's sympathy.

Jim saying, "You burned your foot on a Foreman grill?" and Michael saying, "I enjoy having breakfast in bed, I like waking up to the smell of bacon, sue me"

9. In Money Heist, when they put a microphone into Angel’s glasses.

The robbers saying, "The man with glasses is the cop," confiscating his classes, and then embedding a microphone into the glasses frame

10. In the Scrubs episode "My Old Lady," when J.D., Turk, and Eliot each had a patient in critical condition, and J.D. gave the statistic that one in three patients admitted to the hospital dies. In the end, though, all three patients died.

JD giving voiceover about some days having worse odds than others

11. When Ned Stark was beheaded on Game of Thrones, revealing that no one was safe.

Ned Stark just before he's beheaded

12. When the Community episode "Contemporary American Poultry" told the story of a chicken-tender smuggling operation as a mobster movie.

Abed narrating, "This was the glorious time, no more racing to the cafeteria, no more lines; to us, lines were for suckers, hacks, sheep; we were wolves, and we had the chicken to prove it"

13. When Jerome from Gotham transformed from a scared, crying kid into a precursor of the Joker in one moment.

Jerome looking down and crying, then looking up with a maniacal smile

14. On Derry Girls, when the girls claimed they saw a statue of the Virgin Mary crying to get out of a test and then had to keep up the lie even when they realized it wasn't true.

The girls debating whether they should tell the truth

15. When Fleabag's Season 2 premiered with the introduction of the Priest, an engagement, a miscarriage, and the iconic line telling the audience we'd be getting a love story.

Fleabag wiping blood off her face and then saying, "This is a love story," to the camera

16. On Killing Eve, when Villanelle showed up to her psychiatric assessment in a poufy pink dress and flippantly denied that she'd felt any stress lately, despite the fact that she was a working assassin.

The psychiatrist saying, "Have you been feeling any anxieties or stress recently?" and Villanelle responding, "I had quite a heavy period last week, but other than that, I think I’m okay"

17. When Omni-Man took out all of the Guardians of the Globe at the end of the first episode of Invincible.

The Immortal saying, "Someone must be controlling him, he would never do this," and then Omni-Man surrounded by dead bodies

18. On Breaking Bad, when Skyler tried to get Walter to call the police for his own safety, but he insisted that he was the dangerous one.

Walter White saying, "I am the one who knocks"

19. When Gravity Falls finally revealed the author of the journals.

Dipper asking, "Who is that?" and Stan responding, "The author of the journals, my brother"

20. When Addison showed up at the end of Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy.

Addison introducing herself and then saying, "And you must be the woman who’s been screwing my husband"

21. When we found out that Katherine was pretending to be Elena in the first season finale of The Vampire Diaries.

John saying, "Katherine?" and Katherine, with dark eyes, responding, "Hello, John, goodbye, John"

22. On Star Trek: The Next Generation, when Riker had to make the decision to forsake Picard to protect everyone else.

An overtaken Picard saying that resistance is futile, and Riker saying, "Mister Worf, fire"

23. When Betty confronted Don on Mad Men about his former life.

Betty asking, "What's your name?" and Don responding, "Donald Draper, but it used to be Dick Whitman"

24. And when Dale Cooper had his first dream on Twin Peaks.

Cooper dreaming of a man saying, "But when I saw the face of God, I was changed, took the entire arm off," and another man saying, "I promise I will kill again"

Did we miss the moment when your favorite show became great? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.