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    12 Prophetic Tumblr Posts That Somehow Predicted 2020

    The jokes about plague doctor masks are actually funnier now.

    1. A disturbingly accurate prediction from early 2020:

    2. A prediction from 2017 that hits a little too close for comfort:

    3. A joke from 2019 that's actually way better now:

    4. A suggestion from 2017 that we should have listened to earlier:

    5. A list from January that seems very far away and also like a massive warning:

    6. A joke from 2017 that's gone a bit sour:

    7. An interesting fact from April that feels like a sign now:

    8. A bizarre but prophetic joke about quarantining from 2019:

    9. A reminder to be careful what you wish for from February:

    10. An oddly specific joke from 2019 that I don't think is medically sound:

    11. A casual suggestion from 2019 that I guess is just life now:

    12. And finally, a New Year's Eve wish that came true:

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