30 Times Tumblr Accidentally Taught Me Something While Making Me Laugh

    "Julius Caesar’s assassination was the last time everyone in a group project did their part."

    Tumblr isn't exactly an educational website. In fact, it's pretty much the opposite.

    But every once in a while, there's a hidden gem of wisdom. Here are some of the subjects you can learn about on Tumblr:

    1. Elizabethan Literature:

    2. Ancient Greek Literature:

    3. History of Medicine:

    4. Philosophy:

    5. Renaissance art:

    6. Evolutionary Biology:

    7. Greek Theology:

    8. Marine Philosophy:

    9. History of Physics:

    10. Music History:

    11. American Gothic Literature:

    12. Spanish History:

    13. Egyptian Mythology:

    14. Roman History

    15. History of Christianity:

    16. Early Germanic History:

    17. Roman Mythology:

    18. Greek Mythology:

    19. Advanced Shakespeare:

    20. History of Romantic Literature:

    21. British Gothic Literature:

    22. Western Philosophy:

    23. History of the English Novel:

    24. Spanish Literature:

    25. Ancient Roman History:

    26. Ancient Greek Art:

    27. Post-Modern Philosophy:

    28. Math:

    29. History and Math:

    30. And Everything Else: