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    21 Things For VSCO Girls Who Need A VSCO Hangout

    Every VSCO girl needs a VSCO hangout full of ~good vibes only~.

    1. Subtle fairy lights that come in both silver and copper wire. The lights themselves can even be dimmed or brightened, meaning you can tailor this decor exactly to your liking.

    2. A pair of retro beach photos available for instant digital download, meaning you can find a fun frame first and then print these to fit.

    3. A neon sign that will remind you of what's most important in life...neon signs.

    4. A tapestry to set a good background for your pics and also to cover the dent in the wall from when you tried to do a complicated handstand that you saw someone else do on VSCO.

    5. A velvet floor cushion because VSCO hangouts involve a lot of sitting on the floor. But without a proper cushion? That'll leave you really sore!

    6. A privacy film you can easily stick onto your window to make it look like iridescent stained glass. I mean, can you imagine the selfie lighting?

    7. A hanging rope chair for when you're done with the ground and want to float for a bit.

    8. An iridescent headboard that also serves as wall decor *and* a funky mirror.

    9. An artificial vine of roses to wrap around your headboard, chairs, curtain rod, get the picture.

    10. A glass terrarium for all your succulents, whether they're real or fake. We won't judge.

    11. A corgi butt pillow that manages to combine comfort, cuteness, and hilarity into one.

    12. A faux fur throw blanket lined with sherpa, meaning it's super soft and extra warm.

    13. A felt letterboard to display all your favorite sayings like "Dance like no one is watching," "Good vibes only," your VSCO handle, etc.

    14. And some fun letterboard ornaments because words are great, but a picture is worth a thousand of 'em.

    15. A photo display decoration for when you run out of room on your fairy lights for all your polaroids.

    16. A beautiful light tree because regular floor lamps are soooo not VSCO enough.

    17. A flower-scented candle that matches the natural sunshine vibe of a VSCO girl.

    18. The National Geographic Destinations of a Lifetime book so that you and your friends can begin to map out your ~wanderlust~ bucket list.

    19. A super soft faux fur rug you can also use as a chair cover, depending on where your mini photoshoot is going to take place.

    20. A jewelry tray perfect for storing your puka shell necklace and friendship bracelet.

    21. And a stuffed turtle that acts as a good reminder as to why you carry around a metal straw. Save the turtles!

    You taking selfies in your new VSCO hangout:

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