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    32 Funny Interpretations Of Literature That Are So Tumblr

    "For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Kid was born bigger than anticipated. Absolutely jacked."

    1. A summary of Shakespeare's greats:

    2. A pretty good reimagining of this short story:

    3. A joke that I'm surprised wasn't actually in Hamlet:

    4. An environmentally friendly interpretation of Frankenstein:

    5. Too many good Oedipus jokes:

    6. A modern version of The Great Gatsby:

    7. A life lesson we all should have learned from Romeo and Juliet:

    8. A horrifying modern version of The Picture of Dorian Gray:

    9. An example of when a question can have multiple right answers:

    10. An Edgar Allan Poe joke that will make you look at Gordon Ramsay differently:

    11. A very relatable character assessment of Harry Potter:

    12. A short essay on the moral of The Odyssey:

    13. A rewriting of Ernest Hemingway's famous six-word story:

    14. A short history lesson on J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis that actually explains a lot about The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia:

    15. A version of The Iliad where Achilles has an Instagram:

    16. A summary of why Hermione is the smartest character in the Harry Potter books:

    17. A comparison of the protagonists of The Odyssey and The Iliad:

    18. A really accurate analysis of a scene in Macbeth:

    19. A Pride and Prejudice book club scenario that I hope actually happened:

    20. A reminder that the characters in Romeo and Juliet are definitely impulsive teenagers:

    21. An argument for Amy from Gone Girl being your new inspo:

    22. A very real interpretation of the moral Hamlet:

    23. A reminder that Dorian from The Picture of Dorian Gray was THAT guy:

    24. A scene that wasn't written in Pride and Prejudice but definitely happened:

    25. A good summary of "The Raven":

    26. A reminder that Shakespeare loved to name characters Antonio:

    27. Some little-known information from Frankenstein:

    28. A true statement about the works of Lord Byron and Percy Shelley:

    29. An absolutely perfect Don Quijote joke:

    30. A scene we all wished happened in the Sherlock Holmes books:

    31. A rejection of gender norms in favor of living out Moby Dick:

    32. And a very good suggestion about literature: