People Are Sharing The Everyday Things That Should Be Illegal And I'm Completely On Board

    Sending a kid to school with pink eye is honestly worse than most crimes.

    A while back, Reddit user u/J0chem0o asked the question, "What small thing should be illegal because it pisses you off on a daily basis?" And people had a lot of great and infuriating suggestions.

    1. "Sending sick kids to school."

    "I'm tired of my entire family getting sick because of it."


    Students coughing from Breakfast Club

    2. "Radio commercials that play car horns, sirens, or crash sounds."

    "Why?! I'm driving!"


    3. "Parents who allow their child to watch something on their iPad loud as fuck at a public diner."


    4. "Leaving the goddamn shopping cart in a fucking parking space."


    Shopping cart in a parking lot

    5. "Advertising on streaming services."

    "Cable broadcast has laws prohibiting things like raising the volume on advertisements compared with regular programming. Streaming apparently does not. Streaming ads are not embedded in the streamed show, therefore they can require greater network capacity and resolution, causing the process to stall. Lastly, it should be wildly illegal to show an advertisement before the content if the content fails to load." 


    6. "Making articles of clothing with fake pockets."


    7. "Letting someone go ahead of you at a four-way stop when you have the right of way."

    "I don’t care if you’re trying to be nice. You’re going to cause an accident." 


    8. "Meetings that should have been an email."


    9. "Caller ID spoofing."

    "There are very few situations where there's a legitimate need to spoof a number, but there's a high burden on law enforcement to prove the illegal uses, so abuses are running rampant." 


    10. "Customers treating employees like trash."


    11. "People who cut you off and slow down."


    12. "Entering an elevator before people have exited said elevator."


    13. "People stopping for a chat in crowded areas or narrow places."


    14. "Asking me questions while I'm using the urinal."

    "I work in IT, and coworkers see the bathroom as my office."


    15. "Using your turn signal AFTER you've already started braking."


    16. "Talking on a speakerphone in public."


    And "portable speakers in a public space."


    17. "Going slow or stopping on the highway for anything less than a wreck."


    18. "Chewing with your mouth open."


    19. "When people stop at the top of an escalator to figure out where they want to go next."


    20. "Online recipes prefaced with seven paragraphs of blogging."


    21. And finally: "Coming into the restaurant where I work three minutes before we close and expecting to eat in and get food instantly even though half the kitchen is closed."


    Let us know in the comments if we missed an irritating behavior you wish was illegal! You can also read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.