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"Family Feud" Surveyed 100 Women For Each Of These 10 Questions — Can You Guess What They Said?

Just imagine you're a straight woman filling out a survey.

Each of these games is an actual question from Family Feud that only women were surveyed for. Each question has four to eight top answers. Once you start typing, you'll have three minutes to guess all the top answers for that question. Good luck!


Name something that's easier to catch than catching a man.

Fill in the blank: I did everything for my guy and I never got a ____.

Name something you'd do if your date took you to Chuck E. Cheese.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. What kind of flowers do cheap guys buy you?

Fill in the blank: In the bedroom, my husband's superhero name would be ____ Man.

What's the most fun thing to do with another woman?

Name a way your man is like a good cut of meat.

If you ran your fingers through a man's hair, what would you hate to find in it?

Fill in the blank: My man is a love ____.

In one word, describe the underwear your man is wearing right now.