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    Everyone Is Trying To Figure Out What "Sco Pa Tu Manaa" Means, So I Got Down To The Bottom Of It

    A very *important* investigation. 🔍

    You've probably seen the phrase "sco pa tu manaa" on your social feeds a lot lately.

    Baby: s-s— Mother: omg she’s about to say her first words!!! Baby: Mother: Baby: sco pa tu manaa

    Probably more times than the money in your wallet, as this person tweeted.

    I think the amount of sco pa tu manaa tweets i've seen on my tl are more than the money in my wallet

    If you were like me, you were wondering "What the hell does 'sco pa tu manaa' even mean?" when you first saw it.

    My 2 braincells trynaa understand what 'sco pa tu manaa' means:

    Luckily, I did the research for you, so you don't have to wonder any longer.

    The viral phrase was first coined by Ghanaian musician Patapaa. He stated the now-popular saying in the music video for his song "Daavi Neba."

    View this video on YouTube

    Skip to 1:47 to hear it.

    As the legend goes, Patapaa is famous for rapping gibberish lyrics in his music and thus the phrase "sco pa tu manaa" is believed to have no real meaning. Yes, really.

    However, Twitter users decided to give the random saying a true meaning which roughly translates to "What's your opinion on this?" or "What's your experience?" That explains why you've seen the phrase attached to keywords or images followed by friends or family members sharing thoughts and ~feelings~ on said topic.

    I didn’t shed a single tear during graduation lol. I was out that jam with the quickness.

    It gives people the chance to vent their dislike or express their love for random things.

    Why tf you going off my parents income like they’re the ones going to school. 😒

    Like cologne:

    a guy who smells good is so attractive


    tried to delete more than 5x and here I am again. Unfortunately addicting

    And the dopeness of black people:

    The greatest to ever live

    There has been some debate whether "sco pa tu manaa" really means anything. According to Know Your Meme, the phrase translates to "I'll hit you" in Hawaiian. However, when you feed the term into Google Translate, it renders as "You'll find it interesting" in the Hawaiian language.

    Nevertheless, most people are already sick of the phrase taking over their timelines.

    This “ Sco pa tu manaa? “ shit getting out of hand 😭

    If I see one more “Sco pa tu manaa”

    This person has already muted the expression.

    alright i’m done with these “sco pa tu manaa” memes now

    However, many people are still having fun with it.

    Therapist: And what do we say when we feel like this? Me: Sco pa tu manaa? Therapist: No

    So, sco pa tu manaa? Do you like the new phrase or find it annoying? Let us know in the comments!