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Usher, Sheila E., And FKA Twigs Paid Tribute To Prince At The Grammys, And Then Drama Ensued

"What a disappointment."

The 2020 Grammy Awards were filled with show-stopping performances, but the one performance that had me bopping was Usher, Sheila E., and FKA Twigs's tribute to the late Prince:

WATCH: @Usher does a jaw dropping tribute to the late Prince! Only at the 2020 #Grammys

Usher gave us vocals:


And slick dance moves:


Prince's protégé, Sheila E., was on the percussion and delivered her signature vocals as well:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Meanwhile, FKA Twigs contributed by delivering a mesmerizing pole dance:


Even Usher couldn't look away:


If you know anything about FKA Twigs, you know she's a trained pole dancer, in addition to a super-talented singer in her own right.

The trio performed all of Prince's biggest hits, including "When Doves Cry," "Little Red Corvette," and "Kiss."

John Shearer / Getty Images

Images of the singer and his iconic symbol were featured on the screen in the background:

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images, Robyn Beck / Getty Images

I thought it was well done, but the reaction online was mixed. Check it out ahead:

Some people thought it was great:

Holy shit this #Prince tribute by #Usher is 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!🙌🙌🙌 #GRAMMYs

This Twitter user called the performance "solid":

Alright Usher. I see you. You are doing Prince a solid #GRAMMYs

Others thought it was "excellent," myself included:

Usher is truly blazing this stage yall This was an excellent tribute #Grammys

And then there were some who thought it was "so bad," "Prince is rolling over in his grave." Yikes:

Omg. . . . This is bad. . this is so bad . . . #grammys Usher. . . Prince is rolling over in his grave! You can't hit those notes. . you are not Prince. . this is not a Prince performance . . . omg. . . I have to turn this off. . .

"Usher is not the best artist to encapsulate Prince, but okay," one person wrote.

Usher is not the best artist to encapsulate Prince, but okay. #GRAMMYs

This person used the Billy Porter memes to express how they truly felt:

When Usher gets on stage to perform a Prince medley at the #GRAMMYs

Someone said it was like "watching a very bad talent show":

Watching Usher pay tribute to Prince is like watching a very bad talent show. #GRAMMYs

This person wanted more Sheila E.:


This user was simply "not feeling it":

Others called out the fact that FKA Twigs did not sing:

I fucking know they did not just bring out @FKAtwigs to do a pole dance and be a back up dancer to usher!!! I just know they didn’t!!! #GRAMMYs

"What a disappointment," one person tweeted.

Yes FKA twigs can dance, but ya know she can also sing. I kept waiting for her to take the mic. What a disappointment. #GRAMMYs

FKA Twigs later clarified that she "wanted to sing" during the performance, but "wasn't asked." Nevertheless, she called it "an honor" to tribute Prince:

of course i wanted to sing at the grammys. i wasn’t asked this time but hopefully in the future. none the less what an honour. congratulations to all winners x

So there you have it, folks. That's what unfolded after the Prince tribute at the Grammys this year. And now I need a nap.


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