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Usher, Sheila E., And FKA Twigs Paid Tribute To Prince At The Grammys, And Then Drama Ensued

"What a disappointment."

The 2020 Grammy Awards were filled with show-stopping performances, but the one performance that had me bopping was Usher, Sheila E., and FKA Twigs's tribute to the late Prince:

WATCH: @Usher does a jaw dropping tribute to the late Prince! Only at the 2020 #Grammys

Usher gave us vocals:

And slick dance moves:

Prince's protégé, Sheila E., was on the percussion and delivered her signature vocals as well:

Meanwhile, FKA Twigs contributed by delivering a mesmerizing pole dance:

Even Usher couldn't look away:

The trio performed all of Prince's biggest hits, including "When Doves Cry," "Little Red Corvette," and "Kiss."

Images of the singer and his iconic symbol were featured on the screen in the background:

I thought it was well done, but the reaction online was mixed. Check it out ahead:

Some people thought it was great:

Holy shit this #Prince tribute by #Usher is 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!🙌🙌🙌 #GRAMMYs

This Twitter user called the performance "solid":

Alright Usher. I see you. You are doing Prince a solid #GRAMMYs

Others thought it was "excellent," myself included:

Usher is truly blazing this stage yall This was an excellent tribute #Grammys

And then there were some who thought it was "so bad," "Prince is rolling over in his grave." Yikes:

Omg. . . . This is bad. . this is so bad . . . #grammys Usher. . . Prince is rolling over in his grave! You can't hit those notes. . you are not Prince. . this is not a Prince performance . . . omg. . . I have to turn this off. . .

"Usher is not the best artist to encapsulate Prince, but okay," one person wrote.

Usher is not the best artist to encapsulate Prince, but okay. #GRAMMYs

This person used the Billy Porter memes to express how they truly felt:

When Usher gets on stage to perform a Prince medley at the #GRAMMYs

Someone said it was like "watching a very bad talent show":

Watching Usher pay tribute to Prince is like watching a very bad talent show. #GRAMMYs

This person wanted more Sheila E.:


This user was simply "not feeling it":

Others called out the fact that FKA Twigs did not sing:

I fucking know they did not just bring out @FKAtwigs to do a pole dance and be a back up dancer to usher!!! I just know they didn’t!!! #GRAMMYs

"What a disappointment," one person tweeted.

Yes FKA twigs can dance, but ya know she can also sing. I kept waiting for her to take the mic. What a disappointment. #GRAMMYs

FKA Twigs later clarified that she "wanted to sing" during the performance, but "wasn't asked." Nevertheless, she called it "an honor" to tribute Prince:

of course i wanted to sing at the grammys. i wasn’t asked this time but hopefully in the future. none the less what an honour. congratulations to all winners x

So there you have it, folks. That's what unfolded after the Prince tribute at the Grammys this year. And now I need a nap.