"Reba" Premiered In 2001 And Here's What The Original Cast Looks Like Now

    "My roots are planted in the past..." 🎶

    Reba is such an iconic show — with an iconic theme song! — and this month marks the 18th anniversary since the first season aired in 2001.

    In honor of that, let's take a trip down memory lane with the cast, shall we? Here's what the stars of Reba looked like then vs. how they look now:

    1. Reba McEntire in 2001:

    Reba McEntire in 2019:

    2. Christopher Rich in 2002:

    Christopher Rich in 2017:

    3. JoAnna Garcia in 2001:

    JoAnna Garcia in 2019:

    4. Steve Howey in 2001:

    Steve Howey in 2019:

    5. Scarlett Pomers in 2001:

    Scarlett Pomers in 2009:

    6. Mitch Holleman in 2002:

    Mitch Holleman in 2009:

    7. Melissa Peterman in 2001:

    Melissa Peterman in 2019: