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    16 Stories Of People Getting Rejected That Made Me Say "Yikes!"

    "A guy ghosted me for having a gluten intolerance. Yup, you read that right."

    On Saturday, comedian, actor, and screenwriter Eden Dranger asked her followers to share their harshest rejection.

    What was your harshest rejection? I’ll go first. One time, a super charming guy I had a crush on took me out to dinner a few times, invited me to a swanky gala, had me over for Thanksgiving, and then introduced me to his buddy as “a girl I wish was my sister”.

    Ladies and gents, when I tell you the people of Twitter answered the call with some of the most cringeworthy rejection stories I have ever read. I am not kidding.


    Here are some of the most memorable responses people submitted:


    @Eden_Eats It didn’t result in immediate break up, but he wanted to do a Halloween “couple” costume with another girl, claiming that it didn’t mean anything. They’re married now.


    @Eden_Eats A guy I was seriously dating called me on my 30th Birthday, while I was at the office working, broke up with me, 20 minutes before I walked into a surprise party, that he knew I was walking into 😐 #HappyFrigginBrthdaytome


    @Eden_Eats Had someone get drunk and call me to break it off while she was on her way to a date with a different guy and then kept me on the phone until he showed up. That one hurt.


    @Eden_Eats Johns Hopkins sent me a rejection letter that read: “We read many talented writers this application cycle. Unfortunately, you were not one of them. We hope you made other plans.”


    @Eden_Eats I asked a girl out once and she laughed for 3 minutes. At least. After 3 minutes I left. It happened in 1977. For all I know, she's still laughing.


    @Eden_Eats A guy ghosted me for having a gluten intolerance. Yup you read that right 😔


    @Eden_Eats A girl I was dating called me one night while I was watching Avengers. She told me on the phone that she saw her best friend and went into lovely detail how they had sex. And I mean every detail. I can never look at the Avengers the same way again


    @Eden_Eats Dated a guy for a few months. Stupidly, I told him I loved him (I know, but I did anyways) and a few days later he broke up with me because he was into "masculine" guys. It wasn't like I started out John Wayne and turned into Paul Lynde during the relationship.


    @Eden_Eats One time a guy broke up with me because I didn’t understand his “secret band.” He also played the guitar with his feet.


    @Eden_Eats I was looking for some help while at the hospital...


    @Eden_Eats I'm not sure this counts but I overheard the girls in my class talking about which boys they would date and I was dead last because I was too ugly. I mean, yeah, I do think I'm ugly. Still hurts to hear. This was back in eigth grade but it sticks with you.


    @Eden_Eats A super handsome guy that I thought looked like a young Paul Newman took me to sushi. He seemed uncomfortable during dinner and then said “Ever think someone is cute until you get up close and realize they just have a ton of freckles?” I have a ton of freckles.


    @Eden_Eats 2 different men, 10 years apart, both dumped me because “God told them to” 😒


    @Eden_Eats I once told a girl (lets call her jan) I liked this guy from our church. She encouraged me to go after him and tell him so I did. He said he was already dating someone else and pointed over to the girl. It was jan.


    @Eden_Eats My fiance bought a house without telling me. So, I took that as a subtle hint.


    @Eden_Eats Many moons ago I was chatting with a guy for a while and then we decided to meet. I got there early and saw him coming towards me so I did a little wave, he saw me, drove right passed me, kept going and then disappeared online.

    Do you remember the harshest way you've ever been rejected? Tell me in the comments!

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