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    People Are Sharing Hilarious Excuses They've Used To Get Off The Phone, And I'm Taking Notes Because They're Genius

    Wow, why did I never think of these???

    LOL, we've all been there. That moment when you've been on the phone for too long with someone and they're not taking the hint that you want to hang up:

    It's super awkward. But now, thanks to Twitter, I have some hilariously clever excuses to use the next time I find myself in that situation.

    I've rounded up the best excuses people have used in order to get off the phone. Read 'em and take notes.


    whewwww black people make up all kinds of shit to get off the phone my dad just said “ok let me go im startin to itch” lmaoooooooooo


    @lakinimani lmaoooo "let me call you back I gotta close these cabinets."


    @lakinimani Lmaooooo “aight let me get off the phone and sit back down now”


    @lakinimani “Aye imma let you go my food in the microwave”


    @lakinimani “Ok well I was just seeing what y’all was doing.”


    @lakinimani @kxmack My grandma ‘Ight baby I’m finna go make up the bed and lay down’ 😭


    @lakinimani Witnessed mi abuela on the phone with someone. She got up, stuck her hand out the door, rung the doorbell and said "I gotta go, someone's ringing my doorbell." 😂😭


    lmfaoo my fav way to get off the phone is after an hour conversation “alright I ain’t want nothin”


    @lakinimani “Aiight I just called to say hey”


    @lakinimani “gotta finish folding towels” -my mom


    @lakinimani @BlackFreelance1 “Lemme let u go I know ur busy,” when no one said as much. 😂


    @lakinimani My whole family tells me, “alright I’ll let you go back to your studying” like am I that boring?


    @lakinimani "Aye let me go, the water boiling"

    Do you have any go-to excuses you use to get off the phone? Tell me in the comments!