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    KJ Apa Debuted His New Quarantine Beard And The Sex God Jumped Out

    Y'all see a beard, I see a seat.

    This is a post all about KJ Apa's new beard, obviously.

    The Riverdale actor debuted his scruff on Instagram a few weeks ago, and I was like, "OK daddy, I see you." πŸ‘€

    He started out subtle, showing off his stubble:

    But then he went full on Daddy Claus β€” and I was ready for my gifts:

    Anywho, if that didn't do it for ya, this pic of his beard definitely will because it's the thirstiest of all thirst traps:

    Look at how the sex god jumped out.

    The 23-year-old is fully embracing his quarantine beard.

    It's a nice departure from his boyish looks on Riverdale.

    The CW

    I, for one, am 100% here for it.

    However, Riverdale fans are losing their marbles seeing their beloved Archie without his usual clean shaved face.

    KJ Apa stares intently as Archie Andrews on "Riverdale"
    The CW Network / Courtesy Everett Collection

    His comments section is filled with people begging him to "please shave":

    Others think the new beard makes him look much 40 years old:

    A comment from a fan writing "You look 40"

    This person simply asked, "[What] happened to the Archie Andrews look?"

    Well, friends, it looks like KJ β€” and his glorious beard β€” are living their best quarantine life. Since he has yet to shave it, I think it's time to accept it and join the #KJBeardGang* until then.

    What do you think of KJ's new look? Yea or nay? Tell me in the comments. I'll be over here salivating either way.

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